PRESS RELEASE – HELSINKI, 13th of May 2016

eventz.today_photo_official, a newly founded Finnish start-up, is launching a new and intuitive event listing service today in Finland. The service provides a simple way to discov- er, create and share events for anyone – free of charge. aims to make the world a bit smaller and more fun by enabling its users to find all the interesting events locally with just one click, a first in the Finnish market. The service allows people to easily connect with the world around them and share their experiences with friends thanks to advanced social integra- tion with the most popular platforms.

Consumers can find local events in their neighbourhood by checking an events map which clearly displays details like location and category of all the events – and makes it easy to navigate to the exact event location.

The website covers the widest range of events in Finland from huge stadium con- certs and movies to small flea markets, and everything in-between.

In addition to event listings, the platform enables users
to create their own events (public or private), invite friends, comment and share photos, links to videos and live broadcasts (YouTube, Facbook Live), making it the perfect solution for organising anything from a big company Christmas Party to a private picnic gathering amongst friends.

The Eventz team will also team up with excellent service providers (caterers, pho- tographers, venue rentals, etc.), to help create even more successful events.

Mikko Lintunen, CEO of Eventz International Corp. said:

“There is so much taking place around us and often we have no clue about these amazing opportunities. We wanted to create a free and extremely simple service for everyone to find what’s taking place around them with one click. We believe bringing all events under one umbrella will help people around the world to dis- cover the world around them.” is launching and piloting the service first in Finland, then expanding to the UK and gradually across the world.

About Eventz international

Eventz International was founded in Helsinki in 2015. The founders and staff have more than 70 years of knowledge, know-how and understanding of the technology and media landscape. The team has a long history of working for technology com- panies like Nokia, Ericsson and Microsoft and media companies like the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and The Independent and bring this experience and knowledge to this new innovative Finnish start-up.


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