How to create an profile?


Before we can start our journey together planning your events, we require you to create a profile for your company. This is needed for us to get the basic information of your company, as well as for the people searching for events to know whom you area.

In case you are a private person throwing a smaller scale event, you can create an event through your personal profile.

A company profile is needed for 1.) selling or marketing services or 2.) for showing your events under the company profile.

Let´s start getting your company, services, and events noticed!

1// Open service at:

2// Navigate to upper right hand side corner of the page and press “LOG IN”. Create your personal profile with an email address or authenticate yourself by using FB log-in

3// Navigate back to upper right hand side corner and press “MY PROFILE”

4// Fill in your personal profile details

5// Fill in your company details after completing your personal profile

5.1// Start by inserting your company logo and name. Check the resolution requirements.

5.2// Write a short description of your company – one sentence is fine. This is important as it will be visible on the map and will help the people browsing to immediately know what your company is for (e.g. Pedro´s, an Italian award winning restaurant).

5.3// Write a long description of your company (and your products, services, events you may organize).  This information will be visible for people once they have clicked to open your company profile.

5.4// Add your company address

5.5// Add VAT number (Mandatory for ALV 0% charging) (FIN: Y-Tunnus without letter “y”)

5.6// Add your company ID number (FIN: Y-Tunnus)

5.7//Add contact email and phone number

5.8// Provide a link to your company web site.

5.9/ Get acquainted with our “Terms and Conditions” as well as with our “Privacy policy”

5.10// Confirm that you are authorized to act on behalf the company in question by ticking the check box.

6// Add Subscription –  We require companies to have one of the three plan options. You may select Company Basic, which is free of charge. We also require your Credit Card details to ensure accounts are created by authorized people. We do not charge for basic company profiles.

6.1// Press Subscribe. Once the page indicates that you are a subscriber your company profile is ready and created.

Congratulations, you are finished. Welcome to as a Corporate Member!

In case you have any other questions, please contact us.

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