Eventz Platform for Local Businesses

Every city has so many great local businesses! Cities are dedicated in showcasing their local businesses and helping them to grow. Our new event guide platform will display best of cities businesses for tourists and citizens.

As a business, you can take this opportunity and create your business profile now, and ad your services and products to your profile – free of charge. In our new event guide we will match local businesses and their services with local events. For example, if someone is organising a walking group around your neighborhood, why not let them know that your bar or café is just a moment away from the end of their route – makes sense right? Just create your company profile and our new portal takes care of the matching.

Creating a new profile:

STEP 1 – create a new personal profile by registering on any of our sites

STEP 2. – create a company profile with basic details from ‘My Company’

STEP 3. – Add your locations and service

STEP 4. – Add a free premium subscription



1. We show your company in “BROWSE SERVICES” section of the service
2. We show your company’s products and services in connection to local events on EVENT PAGES.
3. Your company is added to our FRONT PAGE on “local companies” -feed based on page visitors distance to your business address.
4. You will get a search engine (SEO) optimized company profile.
5. Your company’s profile and products and services can be added to local city government event and local business feeds (RSS FEEDS)
6. You can add unlimited number of locations for your business e.g.: branches and we show them on the map