Discover the world around you

Discover the world around you

We want to make the world a bit smaller, a bit more fun and a bit more social by allowing you to get closer with what is happening around you. Our slogan is ‘Discover the world around you’ and our aim is to provide you with the best range of events, including your own.

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Want to discover great local events?

Music, comedy, nights out & more. With you can discover the best your local area has to offer with one click of a button. Our map shows you what, where and how to get there!

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How does it work? With our unique real-time & up-to-date search tool, we’ve put together a list of everything going on nearby, allowing you to easily sign-up or get tickets ahead of time. Want to invite a friend? No problem! We built with social media in mind so that you can let them know and share your photos with just a few clicks.


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Event Organisers

Hosting your own event? Create & share yours easily with Invite your friends and build up the hype! Designed with social media in mind you can share your event, photos, videos as well as broadcast it live to help you get the word out.

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Create your event quick & easy, and share it with the world at the click of a button. Looking to keep it low-key? No problem! With you can make yours private, making it perfect for weddings & private functions.

Service Providers

It´s simple, we want to help you to boost your business. Whether you have a catering, transportation, photography, band or other relevant service, we can help you grow your customer base. If you have a venue to rent, you can list that too! We can then recommend your services to event organisers and help you find more business opportunities.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop to create successful events. To ensure that organisers can find you, list your services with at:



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Looking to rent out a space? is also a great platform to share your venue with potential hosts. Our aim is to create a one-stop-shop for successful events, where potential organisers can find you.

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